How to Place an Order in Kaleza.PH

Placing your order in Kaleza.PH is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps and experience easy shopping with KPH.

Step 1: Login to your KPH Account

Login to your account at and go to THE KPH STORE.

Step 2: Select BUY NOW.

Click on the item you wish to purchase and select BUY NOW.

Step 3: Adding to Cart

Click on Add to Cart button and a confirmation message will appear once the item was successfully added to your shopping cart. 

Click View Cart Here to view contents of your shopping cart.


Step 4: The Shopping Cart 

Inside your Shopping Cart you will see the item section where your purchases are shown. You may want to increase quantity by clicking on (+) button and (-) button to decrease quantity. Zero (0) will remove your item from the list. Up to 5 quantity per item is allowed per cart transaction.


Step 5: The Payment Option

Select Payment Option. Just click on your desired payment option for the current transaction. Please take note that additional fees may be added to your total amount upon checkout based on the option you have selected. Please review carefully the Order Summary before you continue checking-out.


Step 6: The Consignee

Add Consignee's Details to your Address Book. This is helpful when sending items to anyone other than you, the buyer. NOTE that all fields must be completely filled-out. Incomplete details will not be saved.


Step 7: Select Consignee/Receiver

After successfully saving consignee's information to your address book, simply select the consignee from the list

Step 8: Use E-Voucher

If you have available or unclaimed e-voucher, you may want to use it to avail big discount on your purchase. The amount indicated will be deducted from the total amount of products purchased (Purchases). Every time you make changes to your shopping cart, your Order Summary is updated.

You may want to cancel your transaction by clicking Cancel Order for the hamburger menu or Cancel button just below the summary.


Step 9: Successful Order

If you continue, a confirmation message that your order has been successfully placed and waiting for verification will appear. One of our staff will contact you to confirm your order.

Just below your order details is the Payment Instruction based on the payment option you selected.

You may Print Page your transaction for reference. 

Step 10: Order Status

You can check the status of your order by going to Transaction > My Purchases.

That's it! Thank you for shopping with Kaleza.PH. Mabuhay!


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