How to Use Kaleza.PH Online Store

Mabuhay! Now that you have created your KPH account, here's a few important things that you should know on how to use Kaleza.PH website.

The Main Menu

It's the small circle at the top-right of your screen with your profile picture or logo in it. Click it to see main menu.


The Dashboard

It's the gateway or access to everything about your store or account. If you're lost, go to Dashboard.


The Hamburger Menu

You can find it almost everywhere in our website. It gives you access to other related sections. Like for example the above Dashboard. If clicked, you can have direct access to managing your ads, store cover, and creating multiple stores (for Premium and Business accounts only), and can switch easily between your multiple stores.


The Footer

It says what it is! It is where a few of our partner merchants can be found and other important quick links.


The Live Chat Agent

Need help? You can chat with our ever reliable live support agents online. Just click on the chat link shown above and enter your message to start conversation.


The KPH Store

It's the main store where all products and services our merchants have to sell or advertise. Click that button to enter the main store.


The Store Item

Inside the KPH STORE are items being advertised or sold by our merchants/sellers. Each item has its hamburger menu for more options like Bookmark, Grab To My Store and Buy Now buttons.


 The Main Categories

We just want to make our website clean and neat. The store items section has its hamburger menu where you can find the list of categories.


The Sub-Categories

It's the little directory-like icon at the left-most of the navigator bar. When clicked, will only show the sub-categories available under selected main category.


 The Search Bar

Just search anything by entering set of keywords or phrase and hit enter or click on the magnifying glass icon on the right-most side of the search bar to begin search.


The Direct Link to Merchant/Reseller's Store

If you're in the main store (outside any merchant/reseller store) you can go directly to merchant/reseller's store by clicking on it's StoreName. Or, if you open it's item, you're automatically inside it's store.


Leaving a Store

Of course, you cannot buy Penshoppe items if you are inside the Bench Store. You need to leave Bench store first and go to Penshoppe. The same goes with every store in Kaleza.PH. You need to LEAVE that store to gain access to all items being advertised at the KPH Store or enter another store.


The Current Store Home

Simply will refresh the page and load all items available in the current store.


Sharing your Store to Social Media

It's your business! You should share it with your friends and let the public know that you have started your online business with Kaleza.PH telling them to purchase online through your store. Much more, let them create their online stores too and connect with your store for FREE!


 The Grab Icon

If you see this green Grab icon with white check inside, it means that you have already grabbed the item and is inside your store already. To view your own store, go to main menu (top-right icon) and click on My Store.


The white Grab icon, on the other hand, signifies that you can RESELL that item. It's simply grabbable! As with our example above, Redfox gives 1% commission to all KPH online resellers equivalent to P130 (for Wizbook Cloud Grey). To grab an item simply click on the ad photo to see options and click on Grab to My Store.


And, if you don't see any Grab icon on an item, it only means two things. (1) The merchant is NOT A BUSINESS store account or (2) the merchant opted not to make it resellable or grabbable. Only BUSINESS store members can make their items resellable (grabbable) by other KPH members.


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