The health benefits of spinach include skin care, improved eyesight, healthy blood pressure, stronger muscles, prevention of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts, atherosclerosis, heart attacks, neurological benefits, bone mineralization, anti-ulcerative and anti-cancerous benefits, healthy fetal development, and boosted growth for infants.

What Is Spinach?

Spinach is a member of the Amaranthaceae family and its scientific name is Spinacia oleracea. It is a green, leafy vegetable that is cheap and affordable for everyone. It is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, pigments, and phytonutrients. All of these together make spinach very beneficial for a number of vital processes. Due to the vast range of benefits from this vegetable, it is advisable to consume spinach on a regular basis.  One of the biggest reasons why spinach is so important and valued around the world is that it is very durable. It can even survive through the winter and be just as healthy in the spring.

Spinach can be eaten raw as a part of many salads, and it can also be cooked or sauteed down into a reduced form. This can be eaten as a side dish vegetable or added in a number of recipes for soups, stews, and casseroles. It is native to the Middle East and was cultivated in Persia thousands of years ago. From there, it was brought into China, approximately 1,500 years ago. It made its way into Europe a few hundred years later and quickly became a staple in a number of cultural cuisines.

It has been used in various parts of the world as a medicinal plant that is specifically included in cooking to help increase overall health. Let’s take a closer look at why this leafy vegetable is such an integral part of our overall health.

Spinach Nutrition Facts

The various health benefits of spinach are due to the presence of minerals, vitamins, pigments, and phytonutrients, including potassium, manganese, zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Spinach is a green vegetable which has a very wide distribution. It can be grown as a backyard crop or bought from the market at affordable prices. It is a source of vitamins like folate, niacin, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C and traces of the rest of the essential vitamins. Other important elements, including thiamine and riboflavin, which are used in various reactions in our body, are also found in spinach. Spinach is also rich in pigments like beta-carotene, lutein, xanthene, and chlorophyllin. The best part is that spinach has a low-fat content. Spinach offers a wide range of benefits to most of our physiological processes, whether consumed in raw or cooked form.

Health Benefits Of Spinach

Spinach has many important roles to play in maintaining a healthy body; various health benefits of spinach include the following:

1. Improves Eyesight

Spinach is a rich source of beta-carotene, lutein, and xanthene, all of which are beneficial for eyesight. Beta-carotene is supplied to the eyes by cooked spinach. It can prevent vitamin A deficiencies, itching eyes, eye ulcers, and dry eyes. This is also due to some of the anti-inflammatory properties of spinach, which can reduce the puffiness or irritation in the eyes.

2. Treats Macular Degeneration

AMD or Retinitis pigmentosa is responsible for causing blindness. It is due to the degeneration of lutein and xanthene which form a central part of the retina. According to research conducted by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, consumption of spinach can result in regaining two vital pigments and effectively preventing AMD. Spinach also contains a wealth of antioxidants that reduce the harmful effects of free radicals, which are known to negatively impact vision and cause age-related conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration as well.

3. Provides Neurological Benefits

Several components of spinach like potassium, folate, and various antioxidants are known to provide neurological benefits to people who regularly consume it. According to Neurology, folate reduces due to the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, so spinach is a very good idea for people who are at high risk of neural or cognitive decline. Potassium is an integral part of brain health as well, and it has been linked to increased blood flow to the brain and heightened cognition, concentration, and neural activity.

4. Maintains Blood Pressure

Spinach has a very high content of potassium and a low content of sodium. This composition of minerals is very beneficial for high blood pressure patients as potassium lowers and sodium raises the blood pressure. The folate present in spinach also contributes to the reduction of hypertension and relaxes blood vessels, while maintaining proper blood flow. By reducing blood pressure and relaxing the tension of vessels and arteries, you can reduce stresson the cardiovascular system and increase oxygenation to the body’s organ systems for optimal functionality.

5. Strengthens Muscles

A component of spinach, factor C0-Q10, which is an antioxidant, plays an important role in strengthening muscles, especially heart muscles which continuously pump blood to all parts of the body. According to the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, C0-Q10 can be used to prevent and treat many cardiovascular diseases like hyperlipidemia, heart failure, hypertension and coronary heart disease.

6. Helps in Bone Mineralization

Spinach is a good source of Vitamin K, which functions in retaining calcium in the bone matrix, thereby leading to bone mineralization. Apart from this, other minerals like manganese, copper, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus also help in building up of strong bones. This, in turn, can prevent an individual from developing osteoporosis. These minerals are also essential for maintaining healthy teeth and nails.

7. Reduces Risk of Cataracts

The lutein and zeaxanthin present in spinach both act as strong antioxidants, thus preventing the eyes from the harsh effects of UV rays that can lead to cataracts. They also reduce the impact of free radicals, which can be a major cause of cataracts and other eye conditions.

8. Increases your Metabolism

There is a reason why doctors recommend adding spinach in a significant way to your diet. The amount of protein found in spinach is impressive for any vegetable, and they are easily broken down by enzymes into amino acids that are essential to humans. The re-formed mammal proteins aid our muscle development and growth, our body’s ability to heal wounds, and provides a boost for our entire metabolism, encouraging all of our organ systems to function at their optimal level. Also, a recent study suggests that Thylakoid found in spinach can curb cravings and hunger which can further help in weight loss.

9. Acts as Anti-ulcerative

It has been found that spinach and some other vegetables have the ability to protect the mucous membrane of the stomach, thereby decreasing the occurrence of gastric ulcers. Furthermore, the glycoglycerolipids found in spinach can boost the strength of the digestive tract lining, thereby preventing any unwanted inflammation in that part of the body.

10. Prevents Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is caused due to the hardening of the arteries. A pigment called lutein that is found in spinach has been shown to reduce the occurrence of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes. This is due to the fact that spinach proteins tend to reduce the cholesterol and other fat deposits in the blood vessels.

11. Helps with Fetal Development

Folate found in spinach is needed by a growing fetus for proper development of its new nervous system. Defects like cleft palate or spina bifida may occur due to a deficiency of folate. The vitamin A contained in spinach is advised to be consumed in higher quantities by the mother. Vitamin A is required for lung development of the fetus as well and can be transferred during breastfeeding, so spinach consumption should be continued after birth as well.

12. Reduces Inflammation

There are many anti-inflammatory compounds found in spinach, more than a dozen, in fact. They are classified into the category of methylenedioxyflavonol glucuronides, and spinach is one of the most powerful vegetables when it comes to reducing inflammation throughout the body. This not only means protecting the heart from dangerous inflammation and preventing cancer but also in reducing the inflammation and associated pain from conditions like arthritis and gout, which afflict millions of people around the world.

13. Treats & Prevents Cancer

Spinach is made up of various important constituents that have been found to be promising in the treatment and prevention of various kinds of cancer. These include bladder, prostate, liver and lung cancers. Different constituents in spinach like folate, tocopherol, and chlorophyllin act via different mechanisms to treat and protect patients suffering from cancer.

Recent studies have revealed that spinach is very effective against aggressive prostate cancer, and this has been linked to epoxyxanthophylls, which are unique carotenoids, along with neoxanthin and violaxanthin, that directly reduce tumorous activity and the spread of cancer throughout the body.

14. Protects Skin

Different phytonutrients and pigments have been shown to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, including UV rays. These not only protect but also repair the damaged genes to some extent, thereby preventing skin cancer in the long run.

15. Provides Proteins for Infant Growth

‘Popeye, the Sailor Man’ is known for his obsession with spinach. The cartoon was deliberately aimed to convince children to eat spinach and get strong. Infants are advised to be fed with spinach, which is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. These will result in proportionate development in their essential growing stages.

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There are several cases in your life wherein you tend to experience irritating and disturbing feeling of having blockade particles inside the throat or the nasal passage.

This may lead to difficulty in breathing, as well as rough coughing. When the irritation gets worse and left untreated in an earlier time, it will eventually produce and increase the phlegm in the lungs.

We can actually describe the phlegm as thick components accumulated in the chest and throat. It is concealed by the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract that goals to fight against infections that is caused by the mild virus that you have just acquired. Whenever the build-up happens, it is natural for the body to get cough in order to expel the phlegm.

Developed existence of phlegm in the lungs may lead to unexpected weakness, fever, and consistent cough, runny rose and even difficulty in breathing. If it is left untreated, the excess phlegm has the ability block the bronchial tubes and will end up with much more trouble.

Luckily, there are numerous remedies that have the ability to lessen the amount of phlegm, as well as treating respiratory infections easily.

Honey and Lemon

The combination of lemon and honey can actually treat sore and irritated respiratory tract, which brings you relief and soothing feeling. Both of lemon and honey has an extremely powerful antifungal and antibacterial factor that can fight against different infections, as well as discomfort in the body. This tropical fruit contains a huge amount of Vitamin C and other important minerals that assisting the immune system and remove congestion.


  • 1 tablespoon of organic honey
  • 1 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Preparation

    Combine all of the ingredients in a medium-sized bowl. Consume the mixture for at least three times a day in order to battle against congestion and provide relief from infections.


    This procedure is one of the best, practical and effective ways of reducing chest congestion, as well as removing the mucus on the lungs. Heavy inhalation in a steam compound or vapors can provide you a soothing feeling that was caused by clogged mucus. You can get more even better by filling the water with some herbs.


  • ½ tablespoon of dry rosemary
  • ½ teaspoon of thyme
  • 4 to 5 cups of boiling water
  • Preparation:

    Add the rosemary and thyme into a bowl of boiling water. Then shelter up with a towel over your head including the bowl and inhale the steam. Repeat the process for at least two to three times a day to see the results instantly.

    In order to manage the production of mucus in your lungs, utilize a humidifier at your home and avoid weakness to pain fumes, chemicals, and household cleaners because it can only irritate the nose, throat and even the lungs.


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    Forever Mine is available in four categories: 925 silver collection, natural Druzy crystal collection, Cubic Zirconia collection and perfume diffuser collection. The most special item is natural Druzy crystal collection and perfume diffuser collection. Natural Druzy crystal is a kind of stone without polishing on top in fashion jewelry. It is a configuration of many tiny sparkling crystals on the surface of a bulky crystalline body. Just appear the natural form and beauty from the stone rough. 

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    Here are the 6 most important environmental benefits of organic farming.

    1. Organic farming maintains the quality of the soil.

    When a virgin field is tilled and then fertilized with synthetic fertilizers, it will lose between 50 and 65 percent of its nitrogen and soil carbon over fifty years. After that, increasing inputs of fertilizer — and thus of fossil fuel energy — will be needed to maintain yields. If that no longer pays, the land will be abandoned, becoming a wasteland on which little grows.

    Organic farming has a different philosophy. It sees farmers as stewards of the land, harvesting its fruits while they care for it so that they can leave it to future generations in a condition as good as, or better than, it was when they started farming. So organic farmers maintain and enrich the soil by adding organic matter. That increases the number of worms and micro-organisms. Soil rich in organic matter needs less irrigation because the soil holds moisture better. It is also less likely to blow away in the wind, or wash off with every storm. A study of two adjacent wheat farms on similar soil near Spokane, Washington, found that over a 37-year period, the conventional farm lost more than 8 inches of topsoil, while the organic farm lost only 2 inches. The scientists concluded that the productivity of the organic farm was being maintained, while that of the conventional farm was being reduced because of high rates of soil erosion.

    2. Organic farming fosters biodiversity.

    The expansion of intensive modern agriculture, with its monoculture crops and intense use of pesticides and herbicides, threatens endangered species. Rare plants are indiscriminately sprayed with herbicides, along with more common weeds. Insecticides eliminate the prey of many birds, and small mammals may be poisoned too. Organic farms, in contrast, use no herbicides, fewer pesticides, have more organic matter in the soil, and tolerate hedges or other uncultivated areas. All this makes them a haven for endangered species of plants, insects, birds, and animals. In a survey of the evidence published in the journal Biological Conservation in 2005, scientists reviewed 76 separate studies comparing the impact of organic and conventional farms on such things as plants, soil microbes, earthworms, spiders, butterflies, beetles, birds, and mammals. They found that the majority of these studies demonstrated that the abundance and richness of species tends to be higher on organic farms. Significantly, the differences applied particularly to species that have experienced a decline because of the intensification of modern agriculture. In 2005, a five-year, government-funded study of British organic farms gave further support to that conclusion.

    3. Organic farming reduces pollution from nitrogen run-off.

    Conventional agriculture relies heavily on synthetic fertilizers, especially nitrogen. World-wide, the use of nitrogen as a fertilizer has increased tenfold in the last fifty years. Half to two-thirds of this nitrogen makes its way into rivers and other ecosystems, affecting both freshwater and marine environments. The most dramatic result is the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Like the dead zone in Chesapeake Bay, the Gulf of Mexico dead zone is caused by too much nitrogen, but here the dominant source — 56 percent, according to the U.S. Geological Survey — is chemical fertilizer runoff rather than animal manure, which contributes 25 percent. The Gulf of Mexico dead zone has grown dramatically over the past twenty years, and when it peaks each summer, it now covers an area larger than the state of New Jersey. The peak comes a month after the spring use of nitrogen fertilizers in the Midwest Corn Belt — a month is the time it takes for the water from the Upper Mississippi to reach the Gulf. The expanding dead zone is disrupting fishing. This is only one of 146 dead zones around the world, and not even the largest — that is in the Baltic Sea. Nitrogen fertilizer runoff is largely responsible for most of these. Forty-three of the dead zones occur in U.S. coastal waters. A shift to organic farming, which does not use synthetic fertilizers, would dramatically reduce water pollution from nitrogen, and so shrink the dead zones.

    4. Organic farming avoids the heavy pesticide and herbicide use typical of conventional farming.

    Conventional farming relies heavily on pesticides, including insecticides and herbicides. Pesticide use per acre more than doubled between 1931 and 1997, although it has decreased slightly since then. During the 1990s, the U.S. Geological Survey collected more than 8,000 water and fish samples across the country and analyzed them for 76 different pesticides. Some key findings were:

  • More than 90 percent of water and fish samples from all streams contained one, or more often several, pesticides.
  • About half of all groundwater samples contained one or more pesticides.
  • The highest rates of detection were for the most heavily used herbicides — atrazine, metolachlor, alachlor, and cyanazine — which were common in streams and shallow ground water in agricultural areas.
  • Levels of any individual pesticide exceeding drinking water guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency were found in only 1 percent of samples, but there is uncertainty about the risks of low-level exposure to multiple pesticides. Moreover, for about half the pesticides detected the EPA has not set any guidelines.
  • Close to half of the agricultural streams sampled had pesticide levels that exceeded Canadian guidelines for the protection of aquatic life. (The report referred to Canadian guidelines because there are no U.S. guidelines for this purpose.)
  • Pesticides like DDT and Dieldrin, which have not been used since the 1960s, were still present across the country. DDT was found in almost every fish sample.
  • Organic farmers are permitted to use only a very limited range of insecticides, selected because they are natural products or their safety is well-established. Hence, organic farms will not, to the same extent as conventional farms, release insecticides into the air or nearby rivers. They are not permitted to use any herbicides at all.

    5. Organic farming uses less energy for a given yield than conventional farming.

    Organic farms do not use synthetic fertilizers, the manufacture of which requires a lot of energy. According to a study funded by the British Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, organic crops used 35 percent less energy per unit of production and organic dairying 74 percent less. Scientists at the University of Essex found that organic farmers in a range of different countries required only 30 to 50 percent of the energy consumed in conventional farming systems.

    6. Organic farming stores more carbon in the soil, thus off-setting carbon dioxide emissions.

    Organic farming increases the amount of organic matter in the soil — matter that would otherwise rot above ground and produce carbon that would go into the atmosphere. So if organic farming spreads, that might reduce the severity of climate change. But how great an advantage organic farming has over conventional farming here is controversial. The Rodale Institute has carried out a 23-year study of the amount of carbon stored in the soil of its model farm and calculated that if the organic methods it uses were applied on all the cropland in the United States, 580 billion pounds of excess carbon dioxide could be sequestered in the soil every year. That’s about four times the quantity of emissions that would be saved if the fuel efficiency of all cars and light trucks on U.S. roads were doubled.  But questions can be raised about how long annual carbon savings could continue, since eventually the organic matter will decompose and release carbon back into the atmosphere.

    In any case, much depends on what forms of organic and conventional farming are compared. Organic farmers who use a lot of compost and animal manure and periodically grow cover crops and plow them into the soil will have much more carbon in the soil than farmers who use only synthetic fertilizers and till their soil, because tilling leads to a reduction in organic matter. But the rules for being certified “organic” in the U.S. do not require compost, manure, or cover crops. They simply make the use of such techniques more likely by banning most other methods of keeping the soil fertile. The ideal organic farmer who practices the methods used by the Rodale Institute is making a significant contribution to reducing the carbon build-up in the atmosphere, and the standard conventional farmer is not. Buying food labeled “organic,” however, does not guarantee that it was grown in keeping with the Rodale Institute methods.

    There are two offsetting factors relative to climate change and organic farming to consider. It is often claimed that conventional farming produces higher yields per acre, on average, than organic farming. Therefore, if we need to produce a given quantity of food, we might use less land to produce it if we use conventional methods. Suppose we then took this extra land and planted it with trees, as part of an agro-forestry project. According to some estimates, trees absorb about eight times as much carbon per acre as soil can, even organically cultivated soil. That suggests an alternative strategy for storing carbon: grow the food we need by conventional methods on fewer acres, and plant trees on the rest. Of course, this presupposes that conventional farming really does produce higher yields than organic methods. The Rodale Institute conducted a 22-year comparative trial of conventional farming and organic farming. Although the yields from conventional farming were higher in the short-term, over the entire period of the trial, corn and soybean yields were just as high on fields farmed organically.

    The second factor relative to global warming essentially concerns cows burping and farting. Cows produce methane, a greenhouse gas that is at least 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide and, overall, is responsible for about 2.5 percent of the total effect of greenhouse gas emissions. Cattle may be responsible for close to half of the world’s methane emissions. They produce more of it when they eat foods with a high fiber content, like grass or hay. Organic cows generally eat more grass and hay than non-organic cows. Moreover, organic cows do not get bovine growth hormone, or BGH, which increases a cow’s milk yields by about 10 percent. That means that you need 10 percent more organic cows to produce a given quantity of milk, and the extra cows will put more methane into the air.


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    If you're breast-feeding, you're giving your baby nutrients that will promote his or her growth and health. You might have questions, however, about what foods and drinks are best for you — and how your diet might affect your breast milk and your baby. How much should you eat? What should you avoid? How might your diet affect your baby? Follow these important nutrition tips.

    Do I need extra calories while breast-feeding?

    Yes, you might need to eat a little more — about an additional 400 to 500 calories a day — to keep up your energy. To get these extra calories, opt for nutrient-rich choices, such as a slice of whole-grain bread with a tablespoon (about 16 grams) of peanut butter, a banana or apple, and 8 ounces (about 227 grams) of fat-free yogurt.

    What foods should I eat while breast-feeding?

    There's no need to go on a special diet while breast-feeding your baby. Instead, focus on making healthy choices to help fuel your milk production. Opt for a variety of whole grains as well as fruits and vegetables. Wash your fruits and vegetables to reduce exposure to pesticide residue.
    Eating a variety of different foods while breast-feeding will change the flavor of your breast milk. This will expose your baby to different tastes, which might help him or her more easily accept solid foods down the road. To make sure you and your baby are getting all of the vitamins you need, your health care provider might recommend continuing to take a daily prenatal vitamin until you wean your baby. Experts also advise breastfeeding moms to take 1 moringa capsule a day should fresh malunggay is not readily available to you.

    How much fluid do I need while breast-feeding?

    It's important for breast-feeding moms to stay hydrated. Be sure to drink frequently, preferably before you feel thirsty, and to drink more if your urine appears dark yellow. Have a glass of water nearby when you breast-feed your baby — or aim to drink at least eight glasses of water or other liquids a day.
    Too much sugar can contribute to weight gain — or sabotage your efforts to lose pregnancy weight so refrain from carbonated soda and sugary juice. It is advisable to get your juice from natural source.

    What about a vegetarian diet and breast-feeding?

    If you follow a vegetarian diet, you likely already know the importance of choosing foods that'll give you the nutrients you need. This is especially important during breast-feeding.

    Choose foods rich in iron, protein and calcium

    During breast-feeding, make an extra effort to ensure that your diet includes plenty of these nutrients. Good sources of iron include dried beans and peas, lentils, enriched cereals, whole-grain products, dark leafy green vegetables, and dried fruit. To help your body absorb iron, eat iron-rich foods in combination with foods high in vitamin C, such as strawberries, citrus fruits, sweet bell peppers or tomatoes.

    For protein, consider eggs and dairy products or plant sources, such as soy products and meat substitutes, legumes, lentils, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

    Good sources of calcium include dairy products and dark green vegetables. Other options include calcium-enriched and -fortified products, such as juices, cereals, soy milk, soy yogurt and tofu.

    Consider supplements

    Your health care provider will likely recommend that you take a daily vitamin B-12 supplement and, in some cases, a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin B-12 is found almost exclusively in animal products, so it can be difficult to get enough in some vegetarian diets. Vitamin B-12 is essential for your baby's brain development. Good thing Vitamin D is readily available in the Philippines. Consider M2 Malunggay Okra Luya Concentrate Tea Drink specially formulated by NatureEarh Corp. for kids, parents, specially lactating moms.

    What foods and drinks should I limit or avoid while breast-feeding?

    Alcohol - There’s no level of alcohol in breast milk that's considered safe for a baby.
    Caffeine - Avoid drinking more than 2 to 3 cups (16 to 24 ounces) of caffeinated drinks a day. Remember, caffeine in your breast milk might agitate your baby or interfere with your baby's sleep.
    Fish - Seafood can be a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. However, most seafood contains mercury. Exposure to excessive amounts of mercury through breast milk can pose a risk to a baby's developing nervous system. To limit your baby's exposure to mercury while breast-feeding, choose seafood that's low in mercury, such as shrimp, salmon, canned light tuna.

    Could my diet cause my baby to be fussy or have an allergic reaction?

    Certain foods or drinks in your diet could cause your baby to become irritable or have an allergic reaction. If your baby becomes fussy or develops a rash, diarrhea or congestion soon after nursing, consult your baby's doctor. These signs could indicate a food allergy. Consider eliminating dairy products or other allergenic foods or ingredients, such as:

  • Cow's milk
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Fish
  • For help determining links between your diet and your baby's behavior, you might keep a food diary. List everything you eat and drink, along with notes about how your baby seems to react — if at all. If removing a certain food or drink from your diet has no impact on your baby's fussiness, add it back to your diet and consider other possible culprits instead. If you're concerned about your baby's behavior, consult your baby's doctor.
    Remember, there's no need to go on a special diet while you're breast-feeding. Simply focus on making healthy choices — and you and your baby will reap the rewards.

    Reference:, Fit Pregnancy

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    Who doesn’t love the taste of ginger? Ginger ale, ginger snaps, ginger tea… it all tastes so good, but did you know that ginger is also a treasure trove of healthy nutrients and bioactive compounds that have positive benefits for your brain and body? It’s true!

    Ginger comes to us from China and is very closely related to various other healthy herbs including cardamom and turmeric. We typically use the root of the plant which is why you will sometimes hear this referred to as ginger root.

    Ginger has a long history of use as both a medicine and a food flavor enhancer, but there are many health benefits when it comes to consuming ginger that most people are completely unaware of.

    Check out our list of the top 12 health benefits of ginger and find out why you should be getting more of this fantastic root!

    1. Ginger Fights Infections

    The bioactive substance in fresh ginger root is called gingerol, and studies have shown that it can help to lower the risk of infections and even inhibit the growth of various types of bacteria. When used as a mouth rinse, ginger has been shown to be super effective at fighting the oral bacteria that causes inflammatory disease of the gums including periodontitis or gingivitis.

    2. Potent Medicinal Compounds

    Ginger can be used dried, powdered, fresh, in an oil form, or as a juice, and is commonly used in not only food dishes, but in cosmetics as well. Gingerol is the active compound in this root and it’s this compound that is thought to be responsible for its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.

    3. Improves Brain Function and Protecting from Alzheimer’s disease

    When there is chronic inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, this leads to an accelerated aging process. These two conditions are thought to be two main driving forces behind the development of dementia, with Alzheimer’s disease being the most common type. Studies done with lab animals show that the powerful antioxidants and bioactive compounds in ginger root can help to slow down inflammation in the brain.

    There have also been some studies that show that ginger can improve the function of the brain. One study used 60 middle aged women who were given ginger extracts. These women were shown to have improved working memory and improved reaction time compared to the placebo group. There have also been several animal studies which showed that ginger can offer protection from age-related decline in the function of the brain.

    4. Mother Nature’s Cure for Nausea and Vomiting

    Ginger has a long history of use as a remedy for motion sickness, sea sickness, and other types of nausea or vomiting. Ginger has been shown in studies to be super effective in helping cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy deal with their nausea and vomiting. Ginger is also very effective when it comes to pregnancy related nausea. Also, ginger is completely safe, with no side effects, something that cannot be said for most drugs. In a review of 12 studies that included a total of 1,278 pregnant women, consuming 1.5 grams of ginger daily was found to greatly reduce nausea and vomiting.

    Please note that although ginger is considered to be perfectly safe, if you are pregnant, please talk to your doctor before consuming this herb to be certain that it is right for you.

    5. Lowers Cholesterol

    Having high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol has been linked in numerous studies to an increased risk of heart disease. One study that involved 85 persons with high cholesterol over a 45 day period showed that the consumption of 3 grams of powdered ginger significantly lowered all markers of cholesterol levels. Studies done involving hypothyroid rats showed that ginger extract lowered LDL cholesterol just as well as the prescription drug atorvastatin.

    6. Cold and Flu Prevention

    Ginger root has been used for thousands of years as a means of treating and preventing colds and flu infection all over Asia. Even American scientists at the University of Maryland Medical Center states that you can shorten the duration of colds and flus by drinking a fresh ginger root tea two or three times each day. Many home remedies call for drinking a cup of fresh ginger tea every morning and evening during the flu season with the belief that it can prevent you from catching one of these annoying winter bugs, however, there are currently no studies showing if this folk prevention method is effective.

    7. Cancer Prevention

    Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. It is a serious problem all over the world, including in the US and other western countries. Ginger extract has been shown in several studies to be an alternative treatment for several different types of cancer. The active cancer fighting compound, 6-gingerol, is found in large amounts of raw ginger root.
    One study involving 30 people showed that 2 grams of ginger extract each day significantly reduced their inflammatory signaling molecules in the colon. Other studies show that ginger can be effective against ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, and breast cancer. Although more studies need to be done in this area, ginger shows tremendous promise in becoming a super cancer preventative.

    8. Ginger Reduces Sore Muscles and Muscle Pain

    One study showed that the consumption of 2 grams of ginger per day, over the 11 day study period, significantly reduces muscle pain in subjects that were told to perform strenuous elbow exercises. Although ginger does not have an immediate impact, regular consumption of ginger can be effective at reducing the day to day ebb and flow of muscle pain. It’s believed that these effects occur due to the anti-inflammatory properties.

    9. Lowers Blood Sugar

    It appears that ginger also has powerful anti-diabetic compounds. One study, done in early 2015, involved 41 subjects with type 2 diabetes. Results showed that the consumption of 2 grams of powdered ginger each day decreased fasting blood sugar levels by 12 percent. Ginger was also shown to improve dramatically the markers for the long-term blood sugar levels. Levels of HbA1c were lowered by 10 percent over the 12 week study period.

    10. Stops Chronic Indigestion

    Dyspepsia, which is chronic indigestion, is thought to occur due to a delayed emptying of the stomach. Ginger has been shown to speed up the amount of time that the stomach empties, cutting that time in half from 12 minutes to 6 minutes! One study involving 24 people showed that when these people were given 1.2 grams of powdered ginger before each meal, it increased the emptying of the stomach by 50 percent.

    11. Reduces Menstrual Pain

    Dysmenorrhea, known more commonly as cramps, during a woman’s menstrual cycle have been found in studies to be greatly reduced by the consumption of ginger. One study instructed 150 women to consume 1 gram of powdered ginger each day for the first 3 days of their menstrual cycle. All subjects stated that ginger appeared to reduce their pain just as effectively as ibuprofen or the prescription drug mefenamic acid.

    12. Helps with Osteoarthritis Pain

    Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of the joints in the body that leads to symptoms such as intense joint pain and stiffness. One study found that consuming a combination of cinnamon, ginger, mastic, and sesame oil reduced pain and stiffness of the joints when applied topically. Another controlled study of more than 240 subjects with osteoarthritis of the knee consumed ginger extract and found that they had less pain and needed less prescription pain medication.

    With all these benefits, and with ginger so readily available, is there any reason why you aren’t consuming more ginger?

    • 3

    More than 20 Elvis Presley impersonators shimmied, gyrated and belted out classics like “Jailhouse Rock” in Manila on Saturday at the first Elvis in Asia contest.

    The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll died 40 years ago last week and contest organizers said they aimed to keep his style and music alive for a new generation of fans.

    With trademark pompadours, side burns and bejeweled jumpsuits, 23 performers from the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia paid tribute to their idol.

    “His music is timeless,” said Filipino Jun Espinosa, who won first prize after his rendition of the Elvis classic “Burning Love.”

    “Every generation can enjoy his music because it’s so natural and it’s so awesome and great. That’s king Elvis,” he said.

    First prize included a free trip to Graceland, the Presley estate in Memphis, Tennessee, where thousands of fans gathered last week to mark the anniversary of the singer’s death.

    The contestants at the Manila event were judged on their appearance and their ability to imitate the charisma and music of Elvis.

    “It’s incredibly difficult,” said Japan’s Yukihiro Nishijima who sang “You Gave Me a Mountain.”

    “Probably more difficult than any other artist because he has a ‘rainbow voice’ meaning he has seven different voices. Anyone who is a singer would know this,” he said.

    Elvis died suddenly at age 42 on Aug. 16, 1977, from heart failure after battling health problems including weight gain and a dependency on prescription drugs.

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    Nais mo bang magbenta ng mga produkto online? Ngunit di mo magawa dahil sa mga sumusunod na kadahilanan:

    ❌ wala akong PUHUNAN
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    Despite sa mga reasons na nabanggit, gusto mo pa ring magnegosyo online kasi:

    ✔️ may FACEBOOK account ako
    ✔ lagi akong naka-ONLINE
    ✔ marami akong FRIENDS
    ✔ madali lang mag-SHARE
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    ✔ at higit sa lahat gusto kong KUMITA

    Kung sa tingin mo IKAW itong mga nabanggit, may GOOD NEWS ako sa'yo. Di mo kailangang may PUHUNAN ka para makabenta ka ONLINE. Maaari kang KUMITA kahit nasa bahay ka lang, opisina, sa bus, eskwelahan, o saan man basta't may smartphone ka, tablet, laptop, o computer at may INTERNET ay maaari kang maging ONLINE RESELLER ng mga kilalang produkto.


    Simple lang. Gawa ka lang ng FREE online shop mo sa Kaleza.PH. Tama, FREE, as in LIBRE. Wala kang babayarang registration fee o joining fee. You can create your online store na may mga items na agad in less than 10 minutes.

    Sundan mo lang ang mga simpleng instructions na ito:

    1. Like mo ang page ng Kaleza.PH sa
    2. Register for FREE here:
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    4. Then i-SHARE mo lang sa timeline mo, groups, or sa kausap mo ang store or item link mo. Go to for step-by-step instructions.

    As simple as that. Now, kapag may bumili sa store mo, hindi ikaw ang mag dedeliver o mag-fulfill ng order. Ang merchant ang gagawa nun para sa'yo. Kapag fulfilled na or successful ang transaction, ang commission mo ay napupunta sa E-WALLET mo sa dashboard. Pwede mo na itong i-encash papunta sa Bank Account mo. Kung wala ka namang bank account o ATM, pwede sa GCASH mo, Cebuana, o saan man na convenient sayo.

    Ganun lang ka-simple. Again, ito po ay negosyo at store po ito na naka-ONLINE. Tinatrabaho din po ito. Gaya ng anumang shops sa mall man o ordinaryong tindahan, TINATAUHAN po ang ito. Kung di mo ito gagawin, walang kang kikitain, wala rin namang mawawala sayo. Kung tatrabahuhin mo ito, may kikitain ka, wala pa ring mawawala sayo.

    At kung gusto mong mas mabilis mag-EXPAND ang business mo at mapa-BILIS ang INCOME mo, maaari kang sa REFERRAL INCENTIVE PROGRAM ng KPH. For more info about referral program, simply go to

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    Welcome to Kaleza.PH. Now that you've successfully created your KPH online store, it's time to populate your MY STORE with items. Yes, you need not to have your own items to sell in Kaleza.PH. However, you may want to post your own items and sell it in Kaleza.PH. That's great. And, if you just want to resell items of other member merchants, JUST GRAB AND SELL.

    Simply follow these simple steps.

    1. Go to MY STORE

    Login to your KPH account and go to your MY STORE. MY STORE is your online store where all your uploaded items and GRABBED items are listed.

    As you can see you don't have items listed in your MY STORE yet. You need to post your own items to be listed here. Or, if you don't have on hand items, just GRAB AND SELL.

    2. Leave this STORE

    For you to gain access to all items being sold in Kaleza.PH, you need to LEAVE your store by clicking on Leave this STORE.

    3. Grab to My Store

    You are now inside the main store or THE KPH STORE. If you see items with white GRAB HAND those items are grabbable to your own store. 

    Simply click on the hamburger menu on the top-right of every item to see options.

    Then select Grab to My Store.

    The white grab hand turns to GREEN GRABBED HAND with check inside it when you have successfully grabbed the item.

    4. My STORE

    To see all items in your store simply click on the main menu (top-right icon) and select My STORE from the menu list.

    Now, you can see the item that you've just grabbed.

    Congratulations on your first grabbed item ;) From this example, if someone buys this item with deal price of P810, the merchant is giving you 5% reseller commission which is equivalent to P41.00. The merchant (seller) is the one who will fulfil the order NOT YOU! Your ROLE or DUTY as online reseller is to SHARE this item or your STORE to your friends through Facebook (timeline, groups, chats) and other social media portals.

    Once fulfilled (delivered) your commission will be credited to your e-wallet in your dashboard. You can encash daily.

    To add more items to your store, simply repeat the process. You need to leave your store by clicking on Leave this STORE button to gain access again to the main store.

    5. See More

    The main store shows only 30 items in random. Just click on See More button to see more items.

    6. Maximum GRABS reached

    By default your online store with Kaleza.PH is a REGULAR account. And it's FREE! However, you can only grab up to 12 items and upload up to 12 of your own on hand items. You will be prompted if you have reached the limit.

    Want to grab more? Simply upgrade your store to at least PREMIUM account. Or, if you want a full-featured online store, upgrade your store to BUSINESS.

    Go to your MY STORE to check all your grabbed items.

     6. Share MY STORE

    This is your online store. It's your business. It's time to earn. But how? You need to tell your friends about your store and tell them to check it out. SHARE YOUR STORE. They might find great deals in your store. Cash-On-Delivery is available for Metro Manila only (as of the moment). FREE delivery (on the first kilo) nationwide. Card payment is also available.

    Use Copy Link to Clipboard if you want to just copy and paste your store link to your messenger, email, or even facebook timeline, twitter. Or, Share to Facebook if you want it to automatically posted in your timeline or groups.

    7. How to Share an Item

    You may also share the item itself to bring your customers directly to that item for them to add it to their shopping cart. Be sure you are inside your MY STORE before you can share your items.

    Click on the picture of the item to see options. Select View Item to see details.

    Then just below the details, click on Share button. You may want to Copy Link to Clipboard or Share to Facebook.

    • 1

    For experienced network builders or for those interested to earn more on top of the profit from sales and reselling, you can venture into this side of KPH. With this you can build a team of online sellers and resellers that can help KPH increase the number of buyers, resellers, and sellers engaged in the business. And in return we will reward you for your great contribution. We call this the Project ATOM.

    Project ATOM

    KPH Unique Referral Incentive Program

    Our unique referral incentive program called Project ATOM qualifies all paid PREMIUM and BUSINESS accounts. In this program, we reward our members for every paid referral and matched sales points they make.

    When you create your store (account) with Kaleza.PH the system automatically generates 2 sales groups (Left and Right) for you.  When a visitor clicks on your shared link (item or store link) and registers he/she becomes part of your network AUTOMATICALLY! And every purchase he/she makes earns you points.

    And there's more than that! If a member upgrades his/her store by purchasing an Upgrade Package in your store, you earn a Reseller Commission (5% for Premium Upgrade and 10% for Business Upgrade) and for every matched sales points you are rewarded of P500.00 each pair or maximum of 20 pairs which is equivalent to P10,000 per day!

    The difference between Premium and Business accounts is that Business accounts earn faster than Premium accounts. For Premium accounts every matched sales of 2400 PTS (L/R) it earns P500. While Business accounts need only 1200 PTS (L/R) to earn P500. Each has a maximum of 20 pairs or matched sales per day. Each uploaded ad item (product/service) has corresponding system-generated product points.

    Earn thru Sharing with ShareBoost™

    ShareBoost is another feature of Premium and Business accounts. It provides an opportunity for the store owner to earn points by sharing his store items to social media (one example is Facebook.)  1 share is equivalent to 5 ShareBoost Points to be credited to either Left or Right sales group. Crediting your ShareBoost Points to your weak sales group is a wise choice.

    Now the question is how can an upgraded store earn this ShareBoost of potential product points? Your account will earn 600 Shareboost Points everytime a store (member account) upgrades to either Premium or Business. We have three (3) kind of upgrades: Regular to Business, Regular to Premium, or Premium to Business.

    Our Store Upgrade Packages

  • Regular to Business
  • Regular to Premium
  • Premium to Business

    In KALEZA.PH, there is no such thing as a flushout. However, a store that has failed to SHARE at least 60 items to social media (ex: Facebook) or GENERATE at least two (2) product points worth of purchase the previous month will only have a maximum of 10 matched sales per day for the current month. Hence, the maximum potential income will only be Php5,000 per day in the current month. A maintained account will have a maximum of 20 matched sales per day, which is worth Php10,000 per day.

    Once an account has reached its maximum matched sales, CREDITING OF POINTS WILL TEMPORARILY STOP until the next cycle. ALL POINTS, both LEFT and RIGHT sales groups are preserved and will NOT BE RESET TO ZERO. No morning and afternoon cycles.

    Other related topics:

  • How to Use Kaleza.PH Website
  • How to Place an Order in Kaleza.PH
  • Not yet a member? Register here for FREE!
  • Want to upgrade your store to Premium? Upgrade here! Or, search "upgrade" in the search bar and choose from other Premium upgrade packages available.
  • Want to upgrade your store to Business? Upgrade here! Or, search "upgrade" in the search bar and choose from other Business upgrade packages available.
  • Are you a Premium store member and you want to upgrade to Business? Upgrade to Business account here
    • 1

    Placing your order in Kaleza.PH is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps and experience easy shopping with KPH.

    Step 1: Login to your KPH Account

    Login to your account at and go to THE KPH STORE.

    Step 2: Select BUY NOW.

    Click on the item you wish to purchase and select BUY NOW.

    Step 3: Adding to Cart

    Click on Add to Cart button and a confirmation message will appear once the item was successfully added to your shopping cart. 

    Click View Cart Here to view contents of your shopping cart.

    Step 4: The Shopping Cart 

    Inside your Shopping Cart you will see the item section where your purchases are shown. You may want to increase quantity by clicking on (+) button and (-) button to decrease quantity. Zero (0) will remove your item from the list. Up to 5 quantity per item is allowed per cart transaction.

    Step 5: The Payment Option

    Select Payment Option. Just click on your desired payment option for the current transaction. Please take note that additional fees may be added to your total amount upon checkout based on the option you have selected. Please review carefully the Order Summary before you continue checking-out.

    Step 6: The Consignee

    Add Consignee's Details to your Address Book. This is helpful when sending items to anyone other than you, the buyer. NOTE that all fields must be completely filled-out. Incomplete details will not be saved.

    Step 7: Select Consignee/Receiver

    After successfully saving consignee's information to your address book, simply select the consignee from the list

    Step 8: Use E-Voucher

    If you have available or unclaimed e-voucher, you may want to use it to avail big discount on your purchase. The amount indicated will be deducted from the total amount of products purchased (Purchases). Every time you make changes to your shopping cart, your Order Summary is updated.

    You may want to cancel your transaction by clicking Cancel Order for the hamburger menu or Cancel button just below the summary.

    Step 9: Successful Order

    If you continue, a confirmation message that your order has been successfully placed and waiting for verification will appear. One of our staff will contact you to confirm your order.

    Just below your order details is the Payment Instruction based on the payment option you selected.

    You may Print Page your transaction for reference. 

    Step 10: Order Status

    You can check the status of your order by going to Transaction > My Purchases.

    That's it! Thank you for shopping with Kaleza.PH. Mabuhay!

    Other related topics:

  • How to Use Kaleza.PH Website
  • Not yet a member? Register here for FREE!
  • Want to upgrade your store to Premium? Upgrade here! Or, search "upgrade" in the search bar and choose from other Premium upgrade packages available.
  • Want to upgrade your store to Business? Upgrade here! Or, search "upgrade" in the search bar and choose from other Business upgrade packages available.
  • Are you a Premium store member and you want to upgrade to Business? Upgrade to Business account here
    • 1

    Mabuhay! Now that you have created your KPH account, here's a few important things that you should know on how to use Kaleza.PH website.

    The Main Menu

    It's the small circle at the top-right of your screen with your profile picture or logo in it. Click it to see main menu.

    The Dashboard

    It's the gateway or access to everything about your store or account. If you're lost, go to Dashboard.

    The Hamburger Menu

    You can find it almost everywhere in our website. It gives you access to other related sections. Like for example the above Dashboard. If clicked, you can have direct access to managing your ads, store cover, and creating multiple stores (for Premium and Business accounts only), and can switch easily between your multiple stores.

    The Footer

    It says what it is! It is where a few of our partner merchants can be found and other important quick links.

    The Live Chat Agent

    Need help? You can chat with our ever reliable live support agents online. Just click on the chat link shown above and enter your message to start conversation.

    The KPH Store

    It's the main store where all products and services our merchants have to sell or advertise. Click that button to enter the main store.

    The Store Item

    Inside the KPH STORE are items being advertised or sold by our merchants/sellers. Each item has its hamburger menu for more options like Bookmark, Grab To My Store and Buy Now buttons.

     The Main Categories

    We just want to make our website clean and neat. The store items section has its hamburger menu where you can find the list of categories.

    The Sub-Categories

    It's the little directory-like icon at the left-most of the navigator bar. When clicked, will only show the sub-categories available under selected main category.

     The Search Bar

    Just search anything by entering set of keywords or phrase and hit enter or click on the magnifying glass icon on the right-most side of the search bar to begin search.

    The Direct Link to Merchant/Reseller's Store

    If you're in the main store (outside any merchant/reseller store) you can go directly to merchant/reseller's store by clicking on it's StoreName. Or, if you open it's item, you're automatically inside it's store.

    Leaving a Store

    Of course, you cannot buy Penshoppe items if you are inside the Bench Store. You need to leave Bench store first and go to Penshoppe. The same goes with every store in Kaleza.PH. You need to LEAVE that store to gain access to all items being advertised at the KPH Store or enter another store.

    The Current Store Home

    Simply will refresh the page and load all items available in the current store.

    Sharing your Store to Social Media

    It's your business! You should share it with your friends and let the public know that you have started your online business with Kaleza.PH telling them to purchase online through your store. Much more, let them create their online stores too and connect with your store for FREE!

     The Grab Icon

    If you see this green Grab icon with white check inside, it means that you have already grabbed the item and is inside your store already. To view your own store, go to main menu (top-right icon) and click on My Store.

    The white Grab icon, on the other hand, signifies that you can RESELL that item. It's simply grabbable! As with our example above, Redfox gives 1% commission to all KPH online resellers equivalent to P130 (for Wizbook Cloud Grey). To grab an item simply click on the ad photo to see options and click on Grab to My Store.

    And, if you don't see any Grab icon on an item, it only means two things. (1) The merchant is NOT A BUSINESS store account or (2) the merchant opted not to make it resellable or grabbable. Only BUSINESS store members can make their items resellable (grabbable) by other KPH members.

     Other related topics:

  • How to Grab Items to MY STORE
  • Not yet a member? Register here for FREE!
  • Want to upgrade your store to Premium? Upgrade here! Or, search "upgrade" in the search bar and choose from other Premium upgrade packages available.
  • Want to upgrade your store to Business? Upgrade here! Or, search "upgrade" in the search bar and choose from other Business upgrade packages available.
  • Are you a Premium store member and you want to upgrade to Business? Upgrade to Business account here
  • Are you having a hard time setting-up your online business? Tired of meet-ups? Not enough funds for your Buy and Sell business? Want to free yourself of logistics and payment processes? Are you a Direct Seller? Buy and sell enthusiast? Selling on Facebook? Or, simply an online shopper? Level up your online business through this 

    We will train you how to setup your online business that will equip you and your family with a strong entrepreneurial skills to prepare you for the BIG ONE - the coming economic crash. Yes, its true. It is coming whether we like it or not. 

    We have received massive queries on how to maneuver our KPH online store platform. For your convenience, we have decided to offer you this two-hour seminar to give you a detailed virtual tour and assistance on how does the system works. Through this seminar training, you will also get the bird's eye-view on your future earnings once you launch your online business in our system. You will also get to learn and understand the new market space and how KPH will enable your business to penetrate on this paradigm.

    Tickets are available now at our office. For inquiries and reservation, please send us message at our Official Facebook Page, Kaleza.PH or give us a call at (02) 747 7625 or you can visit us at Unit 1523 City and Land Mega Plaza, Corner Garnet Road and ADB Avenue, Oritigas Center Pasig.

    Check here to locate the venue.


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